Episode 3: The Weight of a Soul is where the NXX Investigation Team’s work begins to take off. You’re caught in a difficult case surrounding a dispute over inheritance, illegal drugs, and an innocent child—the first X-Note where right and wrong isn’t clear-cut and rests on the strength of your defense.


Inquiry: Could Harry tamper with the medicine the second time he went into the kitchen?


  • Surveillance – Throwing the Drugs Away
  • Drug that was Thrown Away


Inquiry #1: Fannie’s actions are in clear contradiction with her statements, because…


  • Eyewitness Testimony
  • Stopped from Tampering With the Medicine

Inquiry #2: Fannie may have lied about something. Her statements contradict each other, because…


  • People with Pharmaceutical Knowledge
  • Gordon’s Contraindicated Medication

Inquiry #3: Could there be a common enemy or goal for both Fannie and Joanne?

Connections Part 1:

  • Abnormal Romantic Relationship
  • Fannie – Risk of Being Fired

Connections Part 2:

  • Common Enemy
  • Inheritance Dispute


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For the Investigation section in this stage, use the Hint button to help you find all the objects in the room. Don’t forget to use the arrow buttons on the left and right of the screen to navigate the large bedroom.

You need to inspect the bottle of tablets by pulling it in various directions and clicking on relevant parts of the object. It will give you two clues: the Bottle Seal (on the cap) and the White Label on the Bottle.

In total, you will get five pieces of evidence in the room:

  • Bottle of Tablets (3D)
  • Pawn Tickets
  • Joey’s Medical Bills
  • Joey’s Medical Record
  • Sealed Emergency Medicine


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You need to Investigate Joanne’s bedroom a second time. Likewise, use the Hints button to help you find all the items. Once you find Gordon Grant’s Diary on the bedside table, you’ll be prompted to inspect it. Click on the notebook pages and the lock to obtain two clues: the Main Text and Password Lock.

You’ll find six pieces of evidence in the room this time around:

  • Joanne’s Bank Records
  • Joanne’s Pharmacist License
  • Illegal Transaction Records
  • Lab Report on the White Powder
  • Lab Report on the Pink Tablets
  • Observation Notebook (3D)


Harry will ask you if you found anything to prove his innocence. Respond with The burns on the back of Joanne’s hand.

Later, Fannie is sent to questioning. Ask her this question: Who treated Joanne’s wounds?


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In the Trial, you will defend Harry Grant. Present the right evidence to prove your claims. If you make a mistake, don’t worry—the game is forgiving and will let you try over and over again.

  • The evidence that invalidates Ms. Patel’s accusation is…
    • Evidence: Fannie’s Testimony I
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott’s financial difficulties is…
    • Evidence: Joanne’s Bank Records
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott’s strong motive is…
    • Evidence: Observation Notebook
  • The evidence that proves Ms. Scott executed her plan is…
    • Evidence: Lab Report on the White Powder
  • Ms. Scott is a suspect. She entered the kitchen with a motive. The proof of that is…
    • Evidence: Fannie’s Testimony II
  • Mr. Gordon Grant wanted to donate his inheritance to further the production of illicit goods! I ask the court to look at this…
    • Evidence: Decrypted Illegal Transaction Records

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