Special Consultations are one of the few common event types in Tears of Themis—one that involves a lot of energy spent on Fieldwork. For this Special Consultation event, players can aim for the event-exclusive Artem – Adventurous outfit to dress everyone’s favorite senior attorney in a new set of outdoor wear.

The event runs from Oct. 4, 2022 to Oct. 11, 2022, and is open to all attorneys who have unlocked Fieldwork by completing the Main Story 4-18.

How to unlock the Artem – Adventurous outfit in Tears of Themis

To get the main event rewards, you need to use 5,000 Special Reports to purchase the Namecard and manage to collect 11,000 or more for the outfit. These can be obtained by conducting debates under Special Consultation. Use Artem cards to get a Lawsuit Bonus: a one percent drop increase per card (max 15 percent).

Each Fieldwork debate costs 10 AP, and they come in sets of three. After clearing all three, you need to win the Lawsuit battle against a “boss”—which has a bit more power than the ordinary citizens. You need to wait for DAVIS to search for more cases before you can proceed.

The waiting period prevents you from farming enough Special Reports to complete the event, so you’re forced to use S-Chips for refreshes if you want to get the main event rewards.

The Namecard can be purchased from the exchange shop on the upper right of the Special Consultation page for 5,000 Special Reports. It can be obtained with minimal refreshes during the event period:

  • Two Refreshes (0 to 5% Lawsuit Bonus): 160 S-Chips
  • One Refresh (10 to 15% Lawsuit Bonus): 80 S-Chips

The Artem – Adventurous outfit can be obtained by collecting 11,000 Special Reports. These don’t need to be traded in—simply claim the reward under the event To-Do List located on the bottom right of the Special Consultation page.

  • 18 Refreshes (0% Lawsuit Bonus): 1,440 S-Chips
  • 17 Refreshes (5% Lawsuit Bonus): 1,360 S-Chips
  • 16 Refreshes (10% Lawsuit Bonus): 1,280 S-Chips
  • 16 Refreshes (15% Lawsuit Bonus): 1,280 S-Chips

Don’t forget that apart from S-Chips, each refresh also costs 40 AP, assuming that it only takes you one round to win the Lawsuit. Additional attempts will cost 10 AP each.

Are the Special Consultation rewards worth it?

Unlike MR cards, which are usually good value as they help you build your deck, outfits have less functionality in the game. You can change outfits by visiting the male leads and clicking on the wardrobe button while chatting with them.

If you love Artem’s new outfit and can’t live without seeing it, then dropping the S-Chips for it will be worth it. You can also mass-level up your R Artem cards for a chance to earn more Special Reports. But if you’re a free-to-player saving up for upcoming cards, then this Special Consultation event is an easy skip—you can choose to only get the Namecard, then stop!

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