Our Teamfight Tactics: How-to Upgrade Your Champions will teach you the way you can upgrade your units to higher ranks so they will deal more damage and get upgraded stats! This ability is extremely important to learn for TFT and will be used in just about every game you play.

Teamfight Tactics is the new autobattler that uses the League of Legends IP to populate the game with heroes that many players will be very familiar with. The game type originally got popular via a Dota 2 mod, and has now had multiple different companies expand into the space. Along with Riot Games and the LoL franchise, Valve has jumped in with its own version called Underlords. The makers of the original Auto Chess mod have also started their own company and are creating a stand-alone version of the game as well.

How-to Upgrade Your Champions in Teamfight Tactics

Upgrading your champions is going to be one of the keys to victory in Teamfight Tactics. The good news is that it’s fairly simple to do, all you need to do is stack multiple of the same champions of the same star rating. Each hero starts as a 1-star unit, you will need three of the same 1-star unit to make a 2-star unit. You will then need three 2-star units to make a 3-star unit!

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When you get your third unit of the same star rank it will automatically level up to the next ranking. Three stars is currently the maximum amount you can upgrade, and each star gives you a considerable upgrade in stats. These stats make up your maximum amount of mana, attack speed, damage, and more!

How-to Get Three Star Units

We already know the basics of upgrading your units, but how exactly can you get to three stars? You’ll need to save units on your bench to slowly combine multiple 1-star units into 2-star units. You’ll likely only be wanting to play one of these units at a time, because units of the same type do not count towards the synergy bonus. So, if you have two of the same Assassin hero, you will only get one credit towards the Assassin synergy bonus!

If you are running out of space on your bench, you should sell units you might not need anymore. You can potentially always buy these again in the future for the same cost.

Later in the game, you’ll want to start re-rolling the shop. This costs a couple of gold, but it can be worth it to start really upgrading the units you have. You’ll still likely want to be keeping enough gold to gain some interest, but upgrading in the mid-to-late game becomes very important.

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