Tarjan Tokens are unique items that give special buffs that can be found in several locations across colorado in Wasteland 3, so here’s how to find them all and where to start.

All Tarjan Token Locations in Wasteland 3

If you want to find Tarjan Tokens, you will need to check the following locations in Wasteland 3 and repair toasters to get them.

LocationToaster Repair Requirement
Ranger HQRequires three points in Toaster Repair.
Little Hell in AspenRequires seven points in Toaster Repair.
Ghost TownRequires six points in Toaster Repair.
Bunker in Union StationRequires six points in Toaster Repair.
Machine Commune in DenverRequires six points in Toaster Repair.
Patriarch’s Bunker Requires six points in Toaster Repair.
San Lux Apartments in Coloardo SpringsRequires four points in Toaster Repair.
Wesson Family EstateRequires four points in Toaster Repair.
Tunnels of the WonderousRequires five points in Toaster Repair.

You can find a toaster in all nine locations, and before heading out, we recommend having someone with at least seven points in toaster repair as the requirements range from four to seven. That said, once you repair a toaster at any of these locations, you will receive a Tarjan Token.

However, before you can use the token, you will need to head to the Cabinet of Curiosities in the Bizarre. The cabinet will be inside the museum towards the north of the market area, and in order to use it, you will need to interact with it.

Upon interacting with the cabinet, it will give you a few options, and the one you will need to choose is to insert a coin, and upon doing so, you will receive one of the following buffs and perks – it’s random, so you may need to use more than one coin to get all of the perks. 

All Tarjan Token Perks

The following perks are permanent and will not run out.

  • Fortune Cookie – Rewards the player with +15 to Constitution.
  • Precognition – Rewards the player with +10 to Evasion.
  • Eye of Tarjan – Rewards the player with +2 to Penetration and +1 to Cold Resistance.

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All Tarjan Token Buffs

The following buffs are temporary and will run out in three hours.

  • Cunning of Tarjan – Rewards the player temporary XP buff of 25 percent for a total of three hours 
  • Magic Fingers – Increases Barter skill by one point for a total of three hours – can also be stacked per Tarjan Token. 
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Makes the next five attacks delt by the recipient of the buff deal 100 percent more critical damage.

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