Resources are plentiful in the freezing oceans of Subnautica: Below Zero, but finding them is another thing entirely. But to Fabricate equipment, modules, and much more, these raw materials must be found and stored for future use.

One such resource is Magnetite, which is used for Advanced Fabrication. The best places to find Magnetite are the following:

Ore deposits do not respawn upon collecting, so repeatedly going back to the same area to farm does not work.

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  • Phi Robotics Center (Coordinates | -1181.4 21.1 -656.7)
    • Head inside the door, and straight ahead is a collapsed structure. Go underneath this structure to the right, and follow the wall. Inside a crevice to your left is five Magnetite.
  • Glacial Basin (Coordinates | -1277.0 25.4 -559.9)
    • This location is very close to the Pho Robotics Center. As you come out the door, go up the slight incline to your left until you can head left then right and you’ll find a ladder going up. From there you head more or less directly north until you see a ladder going down. Explore the area below for Magnetite.
  • Glacial Basin (Coordinates | -1277.0 25.4 -559.9)
    • Same location as above. Upon entering, head left until you find the exit. From the cave exit, go left then right, to enter another cave. But this cave has a Snow Stalker inside, so equip a Flare and it’ll flee from you. Explore the cave, and you’ll find Magnetite and other resources.
  • West Artic (Coordinates | -802, -86, -666)
    • Upon heading inside the Iceberg Cavern, depending on the RNG (random-number-generator) of the game, you may find a lot of Magnetite, or you may only find a couple. Just explore the small area thoroughly, mainly in the cracks, to make sure you have collected everything. Other materials, such as Silver, Gold, and Diamonds will be there also.

You do need the Lazer Cutter to cut into the ice inside of the Icebergs, and a Flashlight is also recommended, as inside the Iceberg Caverns is pretty dark.

Luckily, you do not need vast quantities of this material, but this does mean only a few will appear in certain areas and is very heavily influenced by how the game spawns the items.

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