Resources are plentiful in the freezing oceans of Subnautica: Below Zero, but finding them is another thing entirely. But to Fabricate equipment, modules, and much more, these raw materials must be found and stored for future use.

One such resource is Crystalline Sulfur, which is used for Basic Fabrication. Due to this material being under 100+ meters in depth, it’s recommended to have a High Capacity Tank. The best place to find Crystalline Sulfur when you first need it is the following.

Nearby, your starting location of the game, at your Drop Pop, you should see a looming curved ice formation. But due to everyone’s location being slightly different, here are the coordinates for this area: -138.3 1.7 109.8.

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Head southeast from those coordinates till you start entering Creepvine territory about 130+ meters away from the starting location. These are the yellow wavy vines that appear on the seafloor. Now you want to keep a lookout for openings on the seafloor, which will lead you to the Artic Kelp Caves. The coordinates for a cave location are 2.8 -87.6 -139.2.

When in the caves, you need to look out for Crashfish. These are the fish that head directly for you and explode. But you need them to do that because the Crystalline Sulfur is within the nest the fish was resting in, but try not to let them hit you because they damage you quite a lot. In the nest, sometimes you may find a Creature Egg, but most of the time, you’ll get Crystalline Sulfur.

It’s very easy to get lost in these caves, so be mindful of where entrances above are located, and if you need oxygen, some plants provide small oxygen bubbles. Keep scouting for openings and explore!

Theres a few other biomes that you can find Crystalline Sulfur:

  • Biomes
    • Delta Island
    • Deep Purple Vents
    • Thermal Spires
    • Crystal Caves

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