Our Subnautica: Below Zero Vehicles Guide goes over all the currently available vehicle options in the game! While there’s likely to be some overlap in terms of vehicles between games, it does look like we’ll be getting some different options this time around.

While we will likely be spending the majority of time in the water, it looks like in Below Zero we’ll be doing quite a bit of trekking across the ground. This is evident by the inclusion of the Snowfox that is specifically for land only. Don’t let that deter you though, we’re also getting a new underwater vehicle called the SeaTruck. This is a modular addition to the game, you’ll be able to attach different modules to it and transport some useful segments with you while you explore. You won’t be stuck out at sea with no ability to craft anything if you attach the right module to your truck!

Subnautica: Below Zero Vehicles

Here’s a full list of the current and future vehicles that will be in Subnautica: Below Zero!


Bad news friends, if you are a big fan of this big submarine then you might be disappointed. It is currently not in the game, and it is unclear if it will ever be in the game. I’m listing it here as I know people will have questions about it. I will update this area if we learn anything new about it.

Prawn Suit

The Prawn Suit is back for another round, but this time it has a new movement ability that should make it a lot easier to get around. You can now hold down Shift to “powerslide” around while on the ground and you will glide at a higher speed. This ability also doesn’t take thruster energy, so you can use it all you want.

The Prawn Suit is the best option for going into the deepest parts of the sea, and will likely have a bunch of different arm attachments that will allow you to mine, grapple, or attack!

Arms List

  • Drill Arm: Enables the mining of large resource deposits.
  • Propulsion Cannon: Industrial-strength propulsion cannon designed to fit the Alterra prawn suit.
  • Grappling Arm: Fires a grappling hook for enhanced environment traversal.
  • Torpedo Arm: A standard payload delivery system adapted to fire torpedoes.

Upgrades List

  • Jump Jet Upgrade: Powerful rear-mounted jets propet the praw suit into the air.
  • Thermal Reactor: Recharges power cells in hot areas. Doesn’t stack.
  • Depth Module: Enhances safe diving depth. Does not stack.

Console Commands

  • spawn exosuit
  • exosuitupgrades (gives you all upgrades for the Prawn Suit)
  • exosuitarms (gives you all Prawn Suit arm options)

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While not technically a vehicle, I’m going to include it on the list anyway. This one sits in your inventory and allows you to get around quicker when you are outside of your other vehicles. It takes a simple battery to power, and can be crafted very early on in the game. One thing I’m hoping they implement is a way to attach the Seaglide to your equipment rather than it always taking up multiple slots in your inventory.


The SeaMoth was the first vehicle you could really get in the original Subnautica game. It’s a great vehicle for getting around, but it is going to lack the versatility of the SeaTruck and could find itself being outclassed. We’ll see if the SeaMoth is just flat out replaced by the SeaTruck as the game develops.

Console Commands

Believe it or not, but the command “spawn seamoth” will spawn you a SeaTruck instead of the SeaMoth. You can use “item seamoth” instead to actually give you this vehicle.


The SeaTruck looks to be the successor to the SeaMoth. Rather than just have a vehicle that is only useful for getting around, you’ll be able to attach different modules to it so you can build, sleep, grow plants, and more while you are exploring. This vehicle also isn’t officially in the game yet, but can be spawned in with cheats.

Console Commands

  • spawn seatruck
  • Aquarium Module: spawn seatruckaquariummodule
  • Docking Module: spawn seatruckdockingmodule
  • Fabricator Module: spawn seatruckfabricatormodule
  • Storage Module: spawn seatruckstoragemodule
  • Planter Module: spawn seatruckplantermodule

Learn more about this vehicle with our Sea Truck Guide!

Snowfox (Hoverbike)

The Snowfox or Hoverbike is a land only vehicle that you will be able to use to quickly get around on the icy terrain. It is currently not officially in the game yet, but you can spawn it in with console commands. The bike has one slot available for upgrades, and you can currently cheat in an upgrade that will allow you to jump the Snowfox.

The Snowfox will require the usage of a Hoverpad to create it and recharge it. You will be able to customize your bike and rename it via the Hoverpad.

Console Commands

  • goto hoverarea (transports you to an area with a bunch of land and ramps to drive the hoverbike around)
  • spawn hoverbike
  • spawn hoverpad
  • item 2130 (Gives you the jump upgrade)

You can learn more about this vehicle with our Snowfox Guide!

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