Our Subnautica: Below Zero Snowfox Guide will walk you through all the information you’ll need to know on this new vehicle. We’ll feature information on the Snowfox recipe, how-to use, controls, and the available upgrades and customization you can do to it!

The Snowfox or Hoverbike is a unique vehicle to Subnautica: Below Zero. It is the first vehicle that is meant purely for surface use, and cannot be used under the water. It will likely be useful when exploring the Arctic Mega Biome, which is the large surface area that will contain smaller biomes, such as Arctic Spires, Ocean Ridge, and Twisty Bridges.

Update: The Snowfox isn’t officially usable in the game yet, but it will be added in future updates. You can currently spawn one in with cheats (spawn hoverbike). If you want to make it jump, you can use “item 2130” to give you the jump module that can be equipped in the Snowfox’s upgrade slot.

Hoverbike Area

There’s an area that looks to be made specifically for riding around the Snowfox. Use the command “goto hoverarea” and there’s a lot of surface area to drive around on plus some sweet jumps! If you don’t know how to use commands, check out our Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats Guide!

Snowfox Recipe

To craft a Snowfox you are going to need a Hoverpad first. This Hoverpad will also recharge the bike when the power runs low. Once you have the Hoverpad, it will cost you 2x Titanium, 1x Lubricant, and 1x Battery to craft a Snowfox.


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How-to Use & Snowfox Controls

There isn’t much to controlling the Snowfox. You can press Shift to activate a speed boost, and Right Click will enable and disable the headlights. The other controls are standard vehicle movement using W, A, S, D.

Snowfox Upgrades and Customization

We don’t have a list of the exact upgrades and ways you can customize the Snowfox yet, but we do know that there will likely be two upgrade slots according to the Trello. They also were planning to have the following upgrades available:

  • Acceleration
  • Boost Intensity
  • Max Speed
  • Power Efficiency
  • Silent Running

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