Our Subnautica: Below Zero SeaTruck Guide will provide you with all the information you’ll need to get the most out of this vehicle. We’ll feature information on the SeaTruck recipe, how-to use, controls, modules, and the available upgrades you can do to it!

The SeaTruck might end up being the main transportation vehicle in the Below Zero expansion. Instead of the SeaMoth or the Cyclops, you’ll be long haul trucking with this modular vehicle. The SeaTruck allows for you to create additional modules that can be attached to the back of it. It’s a vehicle that can be increasingly upgraded with these new modules that add additional usefulness to the vehicle.

Update: The Seatruck was added in a recent update to the Early Access.

Sea Truck Recipes

  • Sea Truck Cabin: 1x Titanium Ingot, 5x Advanced Wiring, 2x Glass, 3x Lead
  • Sea Truck Aquarium Module: 1x Plasteel Ingot, 2x Wiring Kit, 2x Enameled Glass
  • Sea Truck Fabricator Module: 1x Plasteel Ingot, 1x Computer Chip, 3x Lead
  • Sea Truck Storage Module: 1x Plasteel Ingot, 1x Wiring Kit, 3x Lead

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How-to Use & SeaTruck Controls

The SeaTruck is a pretty standard vehicle and uses the normal vehicle controls for movement. The interesting part of the SeaTruck is that you can move all of the modular pieces, but only the cabin itself is really meant to be moved for long distances. The ability to move the modules allows you to connect them to the the cabin in whatever order you prefer.

When you reverse in the SeaTruck a rear view mirror pops up that allows you to see behind you!

SeaTruck Modules

The modules are the most interesting part of the SeaTruck. Instead of crafting one whole vehicle at once, you will be piecing together the SeaTruck throughout the game with more advanced modules. Some of the following modules aren’t in the game yet.

Aquarium Module

The Aquarium Module will allow you to drive through schools of fish and it will occasionally pull some of the fish into the fishtanks that are inside the module. This will make farming for food a lot easier, and you can gather some fish while you are making your way to different parts of the map.

Here’s the information listed from the official Favro about the Aquarium Module:

  • Aquarium module has two fishtanks on either side of the module.
  • Fill these fishtanks with nearby fish on occasion.
  • Fishtanks should behave as storage lockers from inside the seatruck.

Exosuit (Docking) Module

This module will likely allow you to store your Prawn Suit on the truck so you can travel around with it.

Fabricator Module

The Fabricator Module just allows you to craft items while in the SeaTruck. The existence of this module will mean you won’t be able to construct things inside of the SeaTruck. The modules will be the customizable part of this vehicle, unlike the Cyclops where you could put just about whatever you want inside of it.

Sleeper / Jukebox Module

If you aren’t a fan of swimming in the dark, you’ll be able to use the sleeper module to skip it. Apparently, in this module is a Jukebox that will allow you to play music.

Storage Module

Likely to provide you with additional storage, so you aren’t constantly bouncing back and forth between the truck and your main base.

Teleportation Module

This is a very interesting module that will allow you to potentially have the ability to teleport back to the SeaTruck with another item. There is little known about this item, and it could end up being cut from the game.

SeaTruck Upgrades

There are quite a few upgrades you can get for the SeaTruck. The majority of these are reminiscent of the upgrades you could do to the SeaMoth or the Cyclops. We’ll have more information and the ingredient requirements once the game is live to the public.

  • Depth Upgrade
  • Thruster Upgrade
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrade
  • Perimeter Defense Upgrade
  • Increased Horsepower Upgrade
  • Afterburner Upgrade
  • Heat Recharging Upgrade

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