We’re taking a quick look on how-to get the Habitat Builder in Subnautica: Below Zero! This tool allows you to create all sorts of structures which can be put together to create a base of your dreams!

The Habitat Builder is what you use to create permanent structures that you can form into a base. The base will be one of your main hubs for creating and storing the majority of your items. You can make a lot of interesting and fun additions to the base over time.

How-to Get the Habitat Builder (Standard)

To get the Habitat Builder the correct and standard way without using cheats, you will need to complete the first couple of hours worth of content. Don’t read ahead if you just want to complete all parts of the story without being spoiled!

After you go and find Al-An and he infiltrates your body, you will be required to send a sample of your DNA in a rocket up to the satellite using a BioScanner. Once you’ve accomplished this and they give you the a-okay from the satellite that you tested fine. You’ll need to wait a short time, but eventually you’ll get some more dialogue and have a supply drop sent down to you. Inside of the supply drop will be the Habitat Builder you’ve been looking to find!

If you’re having trouble locating the supply drop, it’s over near the creepvines in the shallows near your base.

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How-to Get the Habitat Builder (Cheats)

You might want to create a separate save file before you use these! Some of them will disable the ability to gain achievements.

If you just want to get yourself the Habitat Builder and not wait around for it, you can always just use some console commands. First, you need to enable them. Hit F3 to open the window, and then hit Tab to give you a mouse cursor. Uncheck the box next to “Disable Console” and that should enable the ability to enter commands. You can either hit ~ or the Enter key to use them.

Type in “item builder” into the console and it will give you the item. It will also unlock some blueprints for you that allow for creation of some of the base pieces. If you want to give yourself the ability to build whatever you want, use the “unlockall” command and that will give you access to everything available currently.

If you don’t want to farm for materials, you can use the “nocost” command and build whatever you like!

There’s a lot more commands, you can check them out on our Subnautica: Below Zero Commands List page!

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