Our Subnautica: Below Zero Cheats List and Commands Guide has a bunch of cheats and commands you can use to play around or get more out of Below Zero! We’ll teach you how to activate and use the console, and list commands that will remove survival features, spawn in items and vehicles, or teleport you around the map.

Using cheats will disable the ability to gain achievements, so if that’s important to you then we advise against using these. You can always just create a separate cheat file, if you just want to play around and not harm your main save.

Activating the Console

First you’ll need to activate the console. Press F3 on your keyboard, and you will open the following screen.

You’ll need to uncheck the “Disable Console” option, so to get your mouse cursor to do this you’ll want to hit Tab. This will bring up your PDA, but also give you the ability to use your mouse to click that box next to Disable Console. Hit F3 again to close the window.

Entering Commands

Now that you have the ability to enter commands, you’ll need to open up the text box that will receive the command. You can do this by either hitting the ~ key, or just hitting Enter to open up the text input field at the bottom left of your screen.

Subnautica Below Zero Cheats List

Here’s a list of a bunch of cheats and commands that will either spawn in items or remove survival elements. Anything that has [] around it does not require the brackets, and requires whatever is listed. For example, for spawning items it lists “spawn [ITEM NAME] [AMOUNT]”, you would input “spawn titanium 5” if you wanted five titanium.

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Disabling Survival or Resource Requirements

If you are tired of stuffing your face with food and water, then you can use some commands to disable these options.

  • oxygen – Gives you an unlimited supply of oxygen.
  • cold – Toggles the cold survival mechanic on or off.
  • nosurvival – Makes it so you don’t have to eat or drink anymore.
  • nocost – You no longer need resources to create items using the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, or anything else that requires resources.
  • noenergy – Tired of batteries? Use this command so that none of your items use up energy.

Change the Game Mode

You can change the game mode of your current file by using one of these commands: freedom, creative, survival, or hardcore.

Unlock Blueprints

There’s a couple ways to do this, you can just unlock them all or you can do them one by one.

  • unlockall – Unlocks all of the blueprints in the game.
  • unlock [BLUEPRINT NAME] – Unlocks a specific blueprint.

Spawning Loot or Specific Items

For just getting general resources or tools, you can do these generic loot commands:

  • spawnloot – Gives: 4x Metal Salvage, 1x Quartz, 1x Copper Ore, 1x Magnesium, 1x Salt Deposit, 1x Gold.
  • madloot – Gives: Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, 3x Battery, 4x Computer Chip, 5x Creepvine Sample, 10x Titanium, and 10x Glass.

To spawn specific items, you’ll want to just use the “spawn” command:

  • spawn [ITEM NAME] [AMOUNT]

You can also use the “item” command:

  • item [ITEM NAME]

These are very similar, but the “item” command adds the item to your inventory. This will sometimes work on things that won’t spawn.

If you want the resources to craft a specific item, you could use the “resourcesfor” command:

  • resourcesfor [ITEM NAME]

Changing the Time of Day

If you want to change the time of day, you’d use “day” or “night” in the console depending on which you’d like.

Spawning Vehicles

You can spawn in certain vehicles by using the “spawn” command, but currently you cannot spawn in the Cyclops. It’s possible that the Cyclops doesn’t end up in the game, and is replaced by the SeaTruck.

Prawn Suit

You can spawn in the Prawn Suit by using the “spawn exosuit” command.


To spawn a Seaglide, you’d just do “seaglide” for one without a battery in it (if you’d want this for some reason), or you could just do “spawn seaglide” for one that’s powered.


You can’t actually spawn in the Seamoth directly currently, but you can craft one. First, do “unlockall” which will give you all the blueprints. You can then do “nocost” which makes anything you build not require resources. Craft the Mobile Vehicle Bay (using a Fabricator), and take it to the surface. Throw it so it deploys and then jump on there and craft yourself a Seamoth.

Update: You can actually spawn in a Seamoth with “item seamoth” in the console.


You can spawn in the SeaTruck with the “spawn seatruck” command or the “spawn seamoth” command (not sure why this works like that). You can enter it from the top (which I didn’t realize) and drive it normally. You can also spawn in the modules of the SeaTruck and attach them with the following commands.

  • Aquarium Module: spawn seatruckaquariummodule
  • Docking Module: spawn seatruckdockingmodule
  • Fabricator Module: spawn seatruckfabricatormodule
  • Storage Module: spawn seatruckstoragemodule
  • Sleeper Module: spawn seatrucksleepermodule
  • Teleportation Module: seatruckteleportationmodule


To spawn the Snowfox you can use “spawn hoverbike” in the console. This vehicle only works on land, so use “goto hoverarea” to ride it around for some fun. You can also add a jump module to it with “item 2130” and add it to the upgrade slot on the bike.

Teleporting to a Specific Area

If you want to teleport to a specific area, you can use the “biome” command.

  • biome [PLACE]

Here’s a list of the places you can type into, to see this in game just type in “biome” and it will list them for you: introarea, introicecave, shallowtwistybridge, twistybridges, lilypads, crystalcave, deeppads, kelp, and kelpcave.

Biome are great for general areas, but if you want to get more specific you can use this command:

  • goto [PLACE]

“Goto” has a bunch of smaller areas you can check out, here’s a list of them:

  • alterrabase1
  • alterrabase2
  • alterratechsite1
  • alterratechsite2
  • alterratechsite3
  • alterratechsite4
  • arcticspirescache
  • basesupplydrop1
  • crystalcache
  • deeparcticcache
  • divesuit
  • enzymesample
  • fabricatorbase
  • hoverarea
  • kharaasample
  • mbase
  • mtechsite1
  • mtechsite2
  • mtechsite3
  • radiotower
  • rocket
  • rocketiceshelf
  • seatrucktest
  • shieldbasecaveentrance
  • shieldbase
  • sanctuary
  • shieldbasetop
  • tunnelexit
  • twistybridgesvalleyfloor

Free Movement

If you want to just fly around and explore the map or maybe head up to the big satellite then you can use this command:

  • freecam

This is basically no clip mode, so you can fly through walls and whatever else. You can increase the speed by pressing 1-5. You can also hold Shift to go even faster!

Speeding Up Builds, Hatching, Growth, etc.

If you want to speed up building, egg hatching, and plants you can use the following commands.

  • filterfast – Reduces the time of the Water Filtration Machine.
  • fastscan – Speeds up scanning time using the Scanner.
  • fastgrow – Speeds up Plant growth.
  • fasthatch – Speeds up Egg hatching.
  • fastbuild – Speeds up building.

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