Street Fighter 6 has breathed new life into the Street Fighter series, updating the game’s look and feel in different ways. One of these is introducing a new type of control setup called Modern controls. This may leave you wondering what the difference is between Classic and Modern controls.

What are the differences between Classic and Modern controls in Street Fighter 6?

Image via PlayStation

Any fan or veteran of Street Fighter will be familiar with the Classic control type in Street Fighter 6. This is the tried and true six-button layout in each Street Fighter title. While this may be most comfortable for Street Fighter players, Capcom is introducing the Modern control type for newcomers to the series.

Modern controls feature a Special Move button with a single directional input. This makes it easier to input commands and removes the need to memorize and learn command inputs that can be hard to input. The Modern controls will be perfect for newcomers and those who do not have the time to learn all of Street Fighter 6’s command inputs.

Image via PlayStation

The Street Fighter 6 entry on the PlayStation blog provides a nice infographic to break down just how the Modern control type works. As you can, this will make using special moves, such as Ryu’s Hadoken and Shoryuken, much easier. The Modern control setup is a great way to learn the game without worrying too much about your inputs right away.

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