The Flat is a small but significant area in Stray. This location is where you find your companion, the drone B-12, who accompanies you for much of the journey. But you may find yourself stuck, trapped in the Flat, and not knowing how to get out. This may leave you wondering how to escape the Flat in Stray, but first, you must find a Digicode password!

How to leave the Flat in Stray

To leave the Flat and continue on with your quest to reunite with your family, you need to open the exterior door through the Digicode. You must enter a four-digit code into the device to open this door. Fortunately, the code isn’t far, but it can be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. Here is where to find the Digicode’s password in Stray.

Where to find the password for the Digicode in the Flat in Stray

Stray Safe Code
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You can find the password for the Digicode in the adjoining room to the right. This room is quite dark, so you will need to turn on B-12’s flashlight. Jump up the shelving on your left when you walk in, and you will see the code on the board. Remember this code and return to the Digicode. After you input the four digits, the Digicode will open the door and allow you to leave the Flat.

Our code was 3748, but we are unsure if this code is randomized for each playthrough. You can try this code, but if it does not work, follow the instructions above and find the code in your game.

There are no collectibles or other items of interest here, so you are free to leave. The Flat is a brief step on your journey, so continue on and be the best cat you can be as there will be many more challenges ahead.

For the next part of Stray, you need to collect notebooks, so in case you get stuck here are All Notebook locations in the Slums in Stray.

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