Clementine is the last Outsider you find in Stray, and she plays a large role in Midtown. She is a wanted fugitive, and you must discover where she lives. Zbaltazar will give you a photograph with clues to finding her address. Here is how to find Clementine’s address in Stray.

Where to find Clementine’s Address in Stray

To find Clementine’s address in Stray, you can use the photograph Zbaltazar gave you as well as asking around Midtown. Eventually, your quest will take you to the Residence where several Companions live. Once here, head to the top floor and look for a small window—this is Clementine’s address and where the Companion lives. Head inside to speak to Clementine and learn the plan to steal the Atomic Battery.

Be sure to speak to the group of Companions playing music and complete their request to destroy the security cameras. This will give you the cassette, an important item needed to progress. This may leave you wondering what to do with the cassette in Stray.

How to find the Cassette Player in Stray

Stray Cassette Player
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To find the Cassette Player in Stray, you must leave the Residence and head back into the heart of Midtown. Specifically, you must go to the fashion store and head to the back room. The cassette player is on a stool in the corner of the room. Interact with it and insert the cassette to start blasting music.

The clerk will leave their post and try to turn off the music. This will give you ample time to steal the worker’s jacket in the front display. This item is needed to break into the factory and steal the Atomic Battery.

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