Since their introduction to Pokémon Go in 2020, Strange Eggs have bee the primary method of obtaining rare event-specific Pokémon. These rare eggs can be difficult to get, but provide substantial rewards for players who put in the effort to hatch them. Read on to see everything we know about these Team GO Rocket rewards!

What are Strange Eggs?

Simply put, Strange Eggs are eggs only obtainable by defeating the Team Go Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni. They hatch the same way as all eggs in Pokémon Go: by walking the minimum distance. The app measures both distance and speed. It requires you to stay under a specific speed for it to count towards your goal, so you can’t just take these eggs for a drive. For Strange Eggs, the player must walk 12 km (about 7.5 miles). This is the longest distance required for eggs in Pokémon Go, so be ready for a long hike.

Which Pokémon can hatch from them?

The selection of Pokémon that can hatch from each tier changes regularly. Since their original release, the roster has largely remained the same. However, a new Pokémon is added occassionally that is tied in with events in the Pokémon Go world. These are featured Pokémon that are related to a specific type, season, or theme in the event itself. The list below provides the current list of Pokémon that may hatch from these rare eggs!

Updated May 11, 2021 for the Luminous Legends X Event.

For the Luminous Legends X event, Pancham was added to the Strange Eggs Roster. This roster may change again when the event is over on May 17.

That’s everything you need to know about Strange Eggs! Be sure to check out our Pokémon Go homepage for complete coverage on the latest Pokémon Go guides and news!

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