In Call of Duty: Warzoneplayers frequently run into the situation in which they must take over control of Bunkers to get the gear inside. However, new players might not be aware that in order to access the bunker, you must enter a code. What’s more than that — each bunker has its own code!

One of these bunkers is the Storage Bunker, which is also known as the North Junkyard Bunker. It is in section B5 of the Verdansk map. You can see where this bunker is on the map below. If you are facing the storage bunkers from the western edge of the map, the Storage Bunker is on the right-most side of the building.

Entering a code into a bunker in COD Warzone

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When you reach the bunker, you’ll find you’re able to go inside, but a pin pad is blocking off most of the bunker. This pin pad is where you will enter the codes above to grab all the loot waiting for you inside. An example of it can be seen in the image above on the right. The code for the Farmland Bunker is 87624851.

Enter the code into the pin pad and gain access to all the gear inside!

We also have the codes for other bunkers on the map. Check out our guides for the Boneyard Bunkers, Prison Bunker, or just go to our full list of Bunker Codes!

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