In the fifth season of Call of Duty: Warzone, the secret Stadium area was finally made available to players. Until this point, these areas were locked off, and players were left to wonder about what was inside. Now, if you have enough motivation, you can get the code to access the rooms and find out for yourself!

Players interested in breaking in need to find a total of three access cards during a match. This is often considered the most troublesome part of this process since they don’t have specific spawn points and instead are randomly found on the three separate floors the keycards represent. There is also only one card per level, so every player you see might hold the keycard you’re missing if they got to it before you.

The keycards will show the doors they unlock on each level. This is the easiest part of getting the final access code, as these cards are always the same. P216 is the card for door 16 on Parking Level 2, CL19 is the card for door 19 on the Concourse Level, and EL21 is the card for door 21 on the Executive Level.

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When you enter each of these rooms, you will have access to the loot inside. However, the real prize is the code shown on the screen in the room that shows the random letters and numbers. You want to note this combination in real life and keep track of it, because you’ll have to use it in tandem with the codes on the screen in each of the other rooms. This is where the task gets complicated.

When you have gathered all three access codes from the screens in each room, you will have what you need to decipher the final access code to the secret room on the top floor. To figure out the code, simply mix and match the codes to determine which number goes in which slot. An example of this is shown in the list below.

  1. Access Code #1 is HWGAF52
  2. Access Code #2 is 49GAFFI
  3. Access Code #3 is HW31FFI
  4. With all three codes, we now know the full sequence is 4931552. Despite only having the letter F for all the fifth slots, we know it represents the number 5 because in the first code, the sixth slot was 5, and in the second and third codes, the sixth slot was the letter F.

Now that you have the full sequence, you can approach the keypad (which is across from the EL21 Door). Now that you have unlocked the door, you can go inside and get the CR56 AMAX blueprint. As soon as you gain access, however, there will be fireworks set off, so watch out for other players!

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