Teams. Tribalism. It’s all the same. You’re on one side, and everyone wrong is on the other side. Once lines have been drawn, it’s time for you to pick up your roller and ink some rogue squids in Splatoon 3. Here’s how to pick a Splatfest team in the Splatoon 3 demo.

Where to choose a Splatfest team in Splatoon 3

Selecting your preferred Splatfest team is super easy! Once you load into the Splatoon 3 hub, turn completely around, and you’ll see a delightful booth where you can pick your team. Press A at the booth, and you’ll be taken to the team selection screen. Select the team you wish to join and press A. Confirm your choice by hitting Join!

The 12-hour demo begins on Aug. 27, 2022, and runs from 12pm ET to 6pm ET in one phase. Phase two begins at 6pm ET and runs through 12am ET in the Splatfest Tricolor Turf War Battles. This secondary mode utilizes a 4v2v2 format and brings a new level of chaos to this colorful shooter. So hop in, pick a team, and prepare to go wild.

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