A recent report from popular data miner HYPEX suggests that Spider-Man’s Mythic Web Shooters will be added in competitive Fortnite from next week. The Mythic weapon has become the crown jewel of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, as it is instrumental for rotation in the current meta. 

Instead of having a full cartridge of 80 shots, Spider-Man’s Mythic Web Shooters will have only 20 shots in Fortnite competitive. This adjustment was made to encourage discretion amongst players for making strategic choices with this rotational tool. 

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Spider-Man’s Mythic Web Shooters are perhaps the most entertaining Mythic weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3. It allows players to rotate quickly, and gain height within a few seconds. It was temporarily disabled in competitive, and now a nerfed version of Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters will be added.

With fewer webs, pro players will have to be extremely cautious about using this Mythic weapon in competitive Fortnite. It will be interesting to see if any of the spawn locations for Spider-Man’s Mythic Web Shooters will be contested in competitive matches after this recent nerf!

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