Speed Race Clicker utilizes a currency called Lightning for players to purchase unique trails that help them click faster to boost their speed and run quicker. They can earn Lightning with each checkpoint they make it through on the track before time runs up, or they can earn some instantly with codes.

Developers give codes for players to enter in-game and receive rewards that assist in their gameplay, such as free trials or Lightning. They are easy and quick to enter and can really help you get a headstart on the track.

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All Speed Race Clicker Codes List

Speed Race Clicker Codes (Working)

Here is a look at all the working Speed Race Clicker codes.

  • NEWGAME—Redeem for 100 Lightning!
  • FASTRACE—Redeem for a free Beach trail!

Speed Race Clicker Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired Speed Race Clicker codes

Speed Race Clicker FAQ

Here is everything you need to know regarding Speed Race Clicker codes.

How to redeem Speed Race Clicker codes

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  1. In the game, click on the red present icon, Codes, on the left side of the screen.
  2. Enter the code into the text box exactly as shown in the list above.
  3. Press Redeem to enjoy your rewards!

How can you get more Speed Race Clicker codes?

Codes are usually added to the game by developers as the game is updated, an event takes place, or a goal is met, such as a number of likes being reached. Some developers will place the codes directly in the game’s description to notify players when a new one has been added. However, some developers might have you follow their social media accounts to stay updated. For your convenience, you can bookmark this page and check back whenever to see when a new code has been added.

Why aren’t my Speed Race Clicker codes working?

There are various reasons why your codes may not be working correctly. The most common reason is that the codes have already expired. Since codes are regularly cycled in and out of the game, they can expire with little to no notice whatsoever. We try to keep our lists as updated as possible, but if you notice a change before us, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will try to fix it asap.

You should also double-check your spelling every time you enter a code. Codes are almost always case-sensitive, meaning the slightest typo could make your codes appear invalid. Ensure you are typing them exactly as shown in the list above, or if the game allows, copy and paste to avoid any issues.

What is Speed Race Clicker?

Speed Race Clicker is an exciting racing game on Roblox in which players attempt to ramp up their total speed in order to race through various tracks in limited amounts of time. Before each round, players can boost their speed by clicking with their mouse as fast as possible. Then, using unique trails bought with Lightning, they attempt to make it through every checkpoint of the track before the timer runs out. They can earn more Lightning to purchase more and better trails by getting through as many checkpoints as they can. Can you be the fastest racer of them all and make it to that finish line?

What are Group Rewards in Speed Race Clicker?

Players can earn some great extra rewards by claiming the Group Rewards chest in the game’s lobby. To claim their Group Rewards, they must first ensure they join the BestBunny group and then re-enter the game. This chest will grant them some more free Lightning to buy more trails and an Epic trail instantly so they can amp up their speed in no time.

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