There are a lot of announcements afoot during the 2021 Roblox Developers Conference. Looking forward, players can expect many improvements and additional features to the gameplay. One of those upgrades will be the use of spatial audio in games.

In-Game Immersion

Spatial audio is technology that takes sound and applies it in a more multi-dimensional way, rather than the flat sound many are used to from headphones and computers. For those who are familiar with the concept of surround sound, this is not far off.

For Roblox, the most attractive feature of spatial audio is that the directional capabilities enhance gameplay. Players will no longer sound as if they are all right next to you. Rather, the sound will depend on how close or how far away you are to the other play. Distance, barriers, and environment will all affect how you hear both players and in-game sounds.

Improved Audio Quality

While many are especially excited about having gameplay that provides a more realistic gaming experience, there are still other benefits of spatial audio. One of those is improved audio quality. This upgrade will not only help with directional and distance effects but also the general caliber of sound within the game.

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