When you’re in the mood for a relaxing game filled with adorable creatures, you launch Slime Rancher 2. This game has an overall joyful atmosphere, with casual gameplay that is a wonderful stress reliever. However, when launching Slime Rancher 2 for the first time, some problems can feel overwhelming and chaotic if you don’t know how to solve them. Here’s our beginner’s guide for Slime Rancher 2.

Slime Rancher 2 tips and tricks for beginners

Only corral the slimes you can feed

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When you initially find a brand-new type of slime, it’s tempting to expand your base and make corrals for the slimes right away. However, if you can’t produce the right type of food for that slime, they will become hungry and try to escape. Storing three types of slimes with totally different dietary needs may result in a chaotic rush to find food for them, creating a perpetual crisis.

To avoid this problem, only corral the slimes you can feed. It’s like buying a pet from a pet store. You shouldn’t purchase both a dog and a snake if you can only feed the dog. The slimes you collect can be stored in your vacuum inventory for as long as you need, so there’s no rush to make corrals.

Start with fruit and veggie slimes

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Regarding food sources, fruits and veggies are significantly easier to find than meat. Both foods often appear in clusters, making it less difficult to find food for all of your slimes. In addition, if you have extra fruit or veggie, you can place it in the Garden and create a sustainable food source.

Chickens are challenging to find in large groups, and you can only have a sustainable amount if you start your own breeding coop. While this becomes easier over time, it can cause frantic moments initially, and nobody wants to be unnecessarily stressed in a relaxing game.

Slimes will bounce, so be prepared

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Everything seems to be going well. You caught 20 new Cotton Slimes, made a corral, and have a stack of carrots ready for feeding time. Then the bouncing begins. Bouncing slimes can be scary at first, especially for players who are afraid of losing their slimes. However, like all other challenges, you can overcome them.

Bouncing slimes need specific accommodations when it comes to housing. If the slimes occasionally hop but don’t fly, they require the High Walls corral expansion. If your slimes enjoy flying, they will need the Air Net corral expansion to prevent them from soaring above the highest of walls. It’s important to know what your slimes will need before you leave them alone in a corral with low walls.

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