Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong is full of choices than can impact your playthrough. Your characters and their relationships with the supporting cast may differ drastically depending on what you do. If you decided to stick your neck out and help Journey escape while playing as Emem early in the game, you’d have to explain when you return to Prince Iverson, but should you tell her the truth?

When you come back to Prince Iverson, she’ll ask you why Journey isn’t with you, you’ll have several options, but the best choice here is to come clean about your sins. While Prince Iverson will exhibit anger and disappointment in Emem, sending her to her quarters as punishment, it’s better than keeping a secret from the Prince of Boston and risking her ire later on in the game.

As a reward for coming clean about your trespasses against Prince Iverson, players will earn A Sin Confessed. Don’t worry about Emem, as she’ll be fine for the time being. Prince Iverson won’t kill her or punish her any more than a scolding at this point in the game. You should, however, be mindful of how you interact with Prince Iverson going forward to avoid frustrating her further.

What does ‘A Sin Confessed’ do in Swansong?

A Sin Confessed is a passive booster for Emem that grants her an additional +10% success rate in Rhetoric ties, making her skills in conversation stronger than before. Players will also receive extra Upgrade Points for finishing these tasks upon level completion. Players can earn several other boosters by completing specific objectives in Swansong, so keep an eye out for these boosters at the end of each level.

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