Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong is a title filled with choices. When playing as one of the three player characters, users can determine the outcome for friends and foes in this title. One of the first friends you can influence is Journey, a fellow vampire the Prince has in her sights. Should you bring Journey to Prince when she asks, though?

We recommend telling Journey to avoid talking to Prince Iverson, as her paranoia and distrust of her inner circle have made her irrational. The Prince is looking for anyone to blame for the Vampires’ current predicament and will jump at the chance to punish or even kill Journey for a crime she didn’t commit. To spare Journey from this pain, you’ll have to assuage her concerns about running away.

How to save Journey in Swansong

To convince Journey to leave the compound and feel Prince Iverson, Emem will need to win a Confrontation. Confrontations are debates between two characters with several stages, and this particular confrontation allows Emem to miss three key points. So long as you answer the final question in this Confrontation correctly, Emem can convince Journey to leave.

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What to tell Journey in Swansong Confrontation

What you say during the first two stages of the Confrontation doesn’t matter, so if you get several misses, don’t fret. All that matters in this confrontation is what you say during the final stage. During the last prompt, you’ll have an option to mention the Anarchs and Saule. Choose this option to win Journey over and convince her that staying isn’t in her best interest.

Will there be Consequences?

Helping Journey flee won’t look good on Emem, but it will get her some extra stat boosts for navigating this conversation carefully. Take care to broach Prince Iverson with caution next time you speak to her.

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