In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, players will be compelled to make a great deal of choices, some being more important than others. As these choices are made, different elements will be added to Starlord’s habits, personality, and ethics. Thus, building up the player’s very own version of Starlord.

Once players have been picked up by Star Corps, they will end up on the ship of Starlord’s ex-girlfriend, Ko-Rel. While being introduced to a young girl named Nikki, who was given her first assignment to escort prisoners, an explosion will send Nikki and Starlord on a jaunting course through the ship.

Screenshot via Square Enix
Screenshot via Square Enix

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After being reunited with Ko-Rel, players will find themselves on an elevator, where they will need to make a choice on either backing up Ko-Rel or Nikki. Before we get into some story spoilers below, players should be aware that all dialogue choices made before the elevator, doesn’t change anything. The decision players choose in the elevator will lead to the same point in the game’s story, no matter what decision is made.

Spoiler Warning

Players will want to back up Nikki and set a foundation that ultimately compels her become more than just a random kid to Starlord. Following a later discovery in the game, players will have reason to feel more attached to Nikki, as she will play an important role in the game’s narrative. Backing Nikki will also give players an access card that will become very useful, later on in the game. This access card will save players time and allow access to some easily missed collectibles.

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