At the beginning of Chapter Three, after checking your quarters for Units, you have yet another important choice to make. You must decide who you are selling to Lady Hellbender—is it better to sell Rocket or Groot?

This choice completely changes Chapter Four depending on who you pick. Each path is unique and is worth a replay of the chapter to see the difference. The collectibles are the same on both routes but are just in different locations. If you want a safer outcome, it’s better to sell Groot. At the end of of Chapter Three you can reconsider your choice.

The unspoiled outcome of each decision is the following. If you sell Groot, you seal the deal with Lady Hellbender. If you sell Rocket, she laughs at you.

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If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading any further.

Spoiler Warning

If you sold Groot, you will go into Lady Hellbenders’ throne room and get paid a handsome sum in Chapter Four. If you attempt to sell Rocket, she’ll insult Rocket and will give you no Credits. Instead, you have to break into her vault and steal it in Chapter 4.

No matter what choice you make doesn’t affect the game further than the change in Chapter Four. You do not lose a permanent member of your team. You will regroup later with the sold individual.

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