Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gives players options when it comes to loot. Players can take the traditional path of hunting for loot by killing high-level enemies and searching for hidden chests around the world, but they can also use the Vending Machines scattered around the game.

Some great gear can be found in the Vending Machines. There are three different Machines—Mystical Magicks, Warsmith, and Mighty Knight—for players to find the right gear for their character build. While this is an option, the items inside these machines are usually insanely expensive. Players should not purchase items from Vending Machines too frequently, unless in a pinch.

Where Vending Machines become invaluable is in their Ammo and Health recovery. Players can pay a small fee to refill all ammo and health at the various Vending Machines. This can be very useful when traversing some of the larger areas in the game, and players should be sure to keep this option in mind as they play.

What is found in the Vending Machines?

Mystical Magicks

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Mystical Magicks gives players the option to purchase Magical items like Spells, Rings, and Amulet. These items can be very useful depending on a player’s character build and their reliance on Magic.

Mighty Knight

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Mighty Knight houses armor and shields for players to buy. Shields and armor are easy to forget about, but defense is nearly as important as offense in this game, especially on higher difficulties.


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Warsmith has many weapons, both melee and ranged, in stock. Players can find some really powerful gear in these machines, but they will often come at a steep cost.

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