There are a lot of five-star characters to choose from in Genshin Impact. Ayato is an Inazuman five-star that has gained a lot of attention due to his love of bubble tea. Of course, a cute animation doesn’t really help you decide whether you should pull for Ayato a lot.

Ayato is a Hydro DPS character that can work with a large assortment of new and existing characters. He can easily feel spots meant for Hydro support due to his Burst but will not be anywhere near as convenient as Xingqiu and his water swords.

The best uses for Ayato are putting him in charge of Vape or Freeze teams. He can easily be combined with characters like Xiangling or Chongyun to deal massive elemental damage. If you are looking for a change in team lead or just want to try out a powerful Hydro character, then Ayato will be a good pull.

Ultimately, you should look at the characters you currently have built to see whether or not Ayato is successfully able to slot into your roster or not.

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