The Lighthouse at Pilgrim’s Passage is fading quickly and only you can save it. At a cost of 15 Wood and 25 Crystal Shards, players are wondering if it’s worth it to fix the Lighthouse. Below, we detail what you get in return for helping to keep the shores of Pilgrim’s Passage safe.

What does the Lighthouse do in Cult of the Lamb?

As the pilgrims worshipping at the Lighthouse will tell you, the Lighthouse keeps ships from crashing onto nearby rocks near the shore. This means nothing to you, as the player. For you, a repaired Lighthouse unlocks a new source of Devotion as well as more shopping opportunities.

When you donate 15 Wood, the pilgrims inside of the Lighthouse will be eternally grateful to you and will set up a shrine inside the Lighthouse where you can collect Devotion. The reignited fire will also attract more pilgrims to the coast who will set up shop. Here, you can buy new decorations, paths, and even tarot cards.

Later on, the pilgrims will tell you that the Lighthouse needs Crystal Shards. Once you donate 25 Crystal Shards (which can be found in Anchordeep), the pilgrims will give you a new follower form for your cultists.

In the end, fixing the Lighthouse is worth it as it creates another avenue for tarot cards, goods, follower forms, and bonus devotion.

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