There will be two incidents in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy where players will find themselves on Seknarf Nine, contemplating on whether they should encourage Drax to fling Rocket across a cliff, in order for him to find a pathway on the other side.

If players choose to send Rocket flying the first time, they won’t be able to throw him the second time. Rocket will become so furious after the first incident, he will not let Drax touch him for the second. Let the little guy be during the first incident and Rocket will allow Drax to chunk him over on the second.


Screenshot via Square Enix
Screenshot via Square Enix

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Stopping Drax from throwing Rocket

If players choose to stop Drax from throwing Rocket, they will be forced to find another way to the other side of the cliff. On the first incident, there’s a small ledge down in the crater that the team is trying to get across. Just follow that ledge until reaching a pillar and Drax will collapse it to make an alternative bridge. The second incident will take players on a thin path to follow and will lead them to a wall of goo, that Drax can destroy.

Encouraging Drax to throw Rocket

Encouraging Drax to throw Rocket on either occasion, basically just provides a few efficient shortcuts in the story. It will only change a bit of the team’s dialogues in Chapter Three. Whichever decision players choose here won’t cause any issues, nor will it matter in the later Chapters. Besides switching up which path players take in Chapter Three, the decision made here won’t cause them to miss any Collectibles. Although, Rocket would most likely appreciate it if players would stop Drax from power-tossing him across a cliff.

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