Lost Ark is an MMO that has a lot of content. There is a seemingly endless amount of content to take on. From monster hunting, quests, and collecting items players have enough to keep them busy for a while. But during all that questing, you are bound to collect more equipment than you need. In Lost Ark, you have two options—dismantling your equipment or selling.

You might be wondering if you should dismantle your equipment or sell it. We recommend that you sell your excess equipment rather than sell it. You don’t get that much silver for selling your equipment so it isn’t really worth it. Dismantling your equipment will earn you some items which can be sold for more than the original item.

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When you dismantle a piece of equipment you will receive a series of random items. These can vary depending on the item, its rarity, and how many you break down. You can receive broken equipment powder, cloth, ability stones, other items. Breaking down your lower-level equipment is a good way to make money.

Another benefit of dismantling your equipment is that you can clear out inventory space and declutter it. Normally your equipment would each take up an individual slot, but by dismantling it you condense it into a handful of slots.

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