The Business Special Career allows players to start a brand new company/business, sell products, and meet demand. But before players can reach new heights with their new business, they must choose how they wish to start one. Players have two options to start a business using the Business Special Career: Startup or Acquire

Both options allow users to start a business in BitLife, but both do so differently. In short, the Startup option involves starting a brand new company from scratch, while the Acquire option lets players purchase an existing company. Depending on your experience, you should probably choose Startup if you are new to the update over Acquire. The Startup option will let you get used to all the new features added with the Business update. Startups also require less money to start a business in the game, thus making them the better option for new characters. 

But, if you want to try your hand at running or saving an already existing business and have already tried a few startups, you should pick the Acquire option. However, acquiring an existing business may prove a little challenging. In short, the condition of already existing companies are random, and some might be successful with tons of great products, while others are failing. Because of this, acquiring a new company is an option better for experienced players as you might need to turn a failing company into a successful one. Acquiring businesses also costs a ton of money, so you must make at least 80 million dollars to successfully run existing businesses and turn failing ones into successful ones.

How to create a Startup in BitLife

To create a Startup in BitLife, you must open the Business Special Career under the Special Careers section of the Job/Occupation tab. Inside the Business Special Career menu, you can choose the Startup option and then select from a list of potential startups to create. Before creating a Startup, we recommend doing the following listed below:

  • Check Demand
  • Check Competition
  • Earn enough money to invest

How to Acquire a Business in BitLife

If you want to Acquire a Business, you must select the Acquire option under the Business Special Career in BitLife. But before you can Acquire a Business, we recommend making at least 80 or 60 million, as most businesses you can Acquire will cost a ton to purchase. You will also need a lot more capital that you can use to help prop potential failing businesses back up. 

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