Horizon Forbidden West has arrived, and we are all excited to continue Aloy’s journey. Much like with the first title, the way you navigate this dystopian adventure game is up to you. Assistance options are needed and can be removed if you prefer to be a true explorer. So, should you use Explorer mode or Guided Assistance?


Explorer mode is when you have minimal items appearing on your HUD (heads-up display). If you are the type of player who relishes coming across certain places, missions, and items naturally, you can turn on Explorer mode to give you the true adventurer experience.

This will make what pops up in the game a little more surprising as it won’t be brought to your attention first via the HUD, so if you want to play through it with a little less help, then this is for you.

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Guided Assistance

This is the opposite of the Explorer mode as you may have guessed. If you like to know where things are at all times and wish to be alerted to particular opportunities coming up as you wander through the Forbidden West, then you will probably want to turn on Guided Assistance.

Your HUD will be fuller and more informative, which will bring more of your surroundings to your attention. If you are the type of player that wants to make sure they don’t miss anything and that everything is picked clean, then this mode is for you.

Both of these modes can be toggled on and off within the game’s options menu.

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