During the later parts of Chapter Eight in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you will be faced with a snap decision that you could miss in the heat of the moment. As you and the Guardians are rushing to escape the Grand Unification, Gamora will tell you to trust her, and that she’s going after Raker.

This is a decision that isn’t noted by a stoppage in the game to allow you thinking time, but you have a choice whether to chase Gamora up the ramp, or to allow her after Raker.

The spoiler-free answer is to let her chase Riker for the best outcome later in the game.

If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading any further.

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Spoiler Warning

If you decide to chase after Gamora for a shot at Raker, the bridge will blow under you, forcing Gamora to save Peter and abandon her chance at Raker. This will result in her becoming furious with you for the decision, and result in a more difficult boss fight with Raker later in the game.

If you allow Gamora to pursue Raker, she will disappear and be unavailable to use in your party for the remainder of the escape. After the escape, however, she will appear back on the Milano and appreciate your trust for letting her go after Raker alone. She’ll also have one of Raker’s severed arms, which will result in an easier boss fight against him later on.

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