When you arrive in The Plains of Widow, you will come across a man called Eudes of the Farmfolk just to the right of where you spawn, next to a farm. Upon speaking to him, he’ll tell you of a man called the Reaper taking his wealth and the rebels taking his crops.

You have a choice to make during your conversation with Eudes, to take care of them for him. You can choose the following, after choosing Pay, sharpen your blade.

  • Kill the Reaper and the Rebels
    • Rewards—Double the Gold, Shortsword of the Taxman, Old Ceremonial Sword, and Faint Shard of Anger
  • Kill the Reaper
    • Rewards—Gold and Shortsword of the Taxman, and Faint Shard of Anger
  • Kill the Rebels
    • Rewards—Gold and Faint Shard of Anger
  • Not get involved

The most challenging but most profitable choice is killing them both, but this won’t be easy without troops and more companions. Our advice is to come back and complete this side quest when you have more of an army and kill them all.

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The Reaper can be found very close to Eudes. Head towards the fort to the northwest, and to the left of the entrance is the Reaper.

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Upon talking to the Reaper, you’ll be thrown into the battle screen. The Reaper has five allies, including himself—one healer and three soldiers. All of them are level three. This is a challenging early fight, as the Reaper cast a fire spell that has an area of effect that damages all in range. Keep all of your units to the left side by waiting. Let the three soldiers come to you and dispatch them all with easy flanking. Then go for the healer, then Reaper.

The rebels are to the south of Eudus. Follow the path, and you’ll eventually come to a fort. To the right of the fort are the rebels. Speak with them to initiate the fight. The rebels only have four lvl three soldiers.

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Upon returning to Eudus, you find him dead and get into another fight.

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