At the beginning of Trigon: Space Story, you’ll come across some smugglers who will sell you a crewmate robot. While they will be very friendly and try to sell you something, it’s hard to imagine spending money on an unknown object.

Should you buy the surprise from the smugglers in Trigon: Space Story?

Do not buy the surprise. This will be a weapon you can mount on your ship and cost you nearly a thousand credits. Although it is an alien gun for your ship, it really isn’t worth it that early in the game, and you will not even have the reactor points to work with it. It is a complete waste of credits.

The gun costs two reactor points, which you will not have at the time. In the end, the surprise will take up storage space and you will have to acquire more reactor points and weapon points to upgrade it. Take the weapons you find on enemy ships instead.

Don’t worry about missing out, the smugglers will already give you an excellent crew member, so you will still walk away with a great prize.

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