In Steelrising, you play as Aegis, a sentient automat. During the French Revolution, your mission is to fight back against a Tyrant King by defeating his many automats. As this is a soulslike title from Developer Spiders, this can be a challenging game. If you wish to experience the story without difficulty, Spiders have included an Assist mode. This guide covers whether you enable the Assist mode in Steelrising.

How to enable Assist mode in Steelrising?

The assist mode can be enabled when starting a new game. After selecting New Game, you will have the option to enable Assist mode. If you have already begun your playthrough, you can enable Assist mode by pausing the game, selecting the Options menu, and Assist mode.

We don’t recommend enabling Assist mode unless you are unable to progress. As some difficulty-related achievements will not be unlockable by enabling Assist mode. You must start a new game in standard mode to obtain them.

What does Assist mode do in Steelrising?

Assist mode allows players to experience the game while tailoring the challenge to suit their preferences and abilities. Enabling the assist mode will allow you to tweak:

  • Damage Reduction (%): Reduces the percentage of enemy damage to Aegis.
  • Keep Anima Essence after death: Aegis retains Anima Essence even after death.
  • Endurance regeneration speed: Increases the speed at which Endurance regenerates.
  • Easy cooling: All rapid cooldowns become perfect cooldowns.

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