Genshin Impact is a huge game that has many different four-star characters to choose from, including Bennett. Bennett is a Spiral Abyss staple and is one of the best support characters in the game, even outperforming five-stars. There is a lot of confusion around his constellations, though, especially when making him a C6 character.

Should Bennet have full constellations or not?

This choice is a bit personal, but here is what it means to C6 Bennett, broken down into pros can cons.

  • Pro: Sword, polearm, and claymore users in his Burst circle recieve a 15% buff in Attack.
  • Con: All attacks inside the Burst are converted into Pyro damage.

This hugely changes how elemental reactions perform and can break some teams. Now, if you are running something like a Mono Pyro team, this certainly isn’t a dealbreaker, especially if you have Hu Tao, a polearm user, or Diluc, a claymore user, as your main DPS.

If this is all you will ever use Bennett for, then go ahead and C6 him. Just keep in mind that this will permanently remove him from many other comp types like the Raiden National Team.

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