Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince is a roguelike action-adventure game and the second iteration in the Blossom Tales series. Similar to the first installment, you are following in the footstep of Lily, a charming little girl who is trying to rescue her brother Chris from the evil captivation of King Minotaur. This adventurous journey of finding your sibling is filled with dungeon exploration, crafting, and uncovering various secrets of the Kingdom.

Fantastic Gameplay elements and Vibrant world design

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Blossom Tales II story is quirky and funny from the get-go. It is mainly due to the narration style from the viewpoint of the grandpa character, who always has a hilarious/witty take on the most dangerous situations. Plus, the story also has a very strong antagonist in the form of Minotaur King, who has all the qualities to hate in a villain. Thus, making us root more for lily in her arduous journey to free her brother in this underdog tale.

The art style is fantastic and stays true to the pixel art genre. Unlike most games in the same genre, where terrains look like a recolor of each other, the landscapes of Blossom Tales II, like the desert, grass, and dungeons, look very different and vibrant due to the details instilled in each one. Even the character art of the enemies is distinctive and aptly reflects the nature of the universe they reside. As a result, the narration and the world-building look more convincing and believable.

The other main highlight of Blossom Tales II is its wide variety of utility/combat items. As you progress down the storyline, the game gradually introduces new game items like a Bomb, Arrow, or Boomerang at the end of each level. These items are the backbone of Blossom Tales II gameplay design, and the entire puzzle system revolves around them. Additionally, these items also provide a sandbox-style combat experience against boss battles as the developer never forces you to equip or use a particular item in a boss battle scenario and always leaves the loadout composition to your gameplay style.

Too much spoonfeeding?

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Even though it falls under the action/adventure dungeon explorer genre, the game has a lot of hints in its core gameplay element. Some veteran players of the genre may want to progress the game by exploring the environment instead of the hint system guiding them towards the next destination. So, the option to turn off the tile indicating system would go a long way for gamers looking for a hardcore experience.

Due to several health regeneration methods like breaking pots or vases, the crafting system has little importance to the core gameplay. You can almost finish 60 to 70% of the game without crafting a single health or rejuvenation potion. Moreover, the crafting vessels required for making items are hard to find and limited for each level.

Excellent Gameplay Elements/FeaturesLess Importance for Crafting
Engaging and Humuours StorylineUnavailability of Difficulty Settings
Great Pixel Artstyle
Believable Characters & World

Verdict – Buy it

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At first glance, Blossoms Tales 2 may look like any other roguelike game on the market, but it is not and stands out from the rest due to its vibrant world design, engaging storyline, and excellent gameplay elements. So, we highly recommend the title to old-school gamers who adore such dungeon exploration titles and young players who are stepping into roguelike games.

The game is available on Steam, Linux, and Nintendo Switch for around $10.

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