Shell Shockers has been growing in popularity, being a free first-person shooter game you can play in your web browser. The best part about it is that you play as an egg, that you can jazz up.

Many have wondered why there are hardly any codes for Shell Shockers, that every code when found 99 percent of the time comes up with Code Used. This article is here to tell you why.

Shell Shockers Codes—Common Questions

What are Item codes?

Item Codes are codes you can enter into Shell Shockers for cosmetic rewards, such as a new hat or a new egg skin. One of the major parts of Shell Shockers is to make your playable egg avatar look as suave and dapper as you can.

Do Item Codes Exist?

Yes, Items Codes exist for Shell shockers, but all the codes you can redeem are not multiple-use codes.

This means that only one person can use that code. If a person then uploads that code and someone else tries to use it, a message will appear saying Code Used, and you will not get the cosmetic.

It is very rare for a multiuse skin to be made available for all.

Is there any way to get Item Codes?

There are tons of ways to get Item Codes for Shell Shockers, but remember all codes are one-time use only. All the ways below are potential ways to get codes: the more you do, the higher chance of acquiring them.

  1. Enter giveaways in the Blue Wizard Digital Discord server giveaway channel. Every week giveaways occur for a chance to get an Item Code.
  2. Subscribe to The New Yolker. This is a Blue Wizards official newsletter for Shell Shockers. On the first day of every month, players will receive a newsletter with information on upcoming updates, news, and an Item Code.
  3. Follow and watch Shell Shockers streamers on Twitch or YouTube. These are content creators supported by Blue Wizard, so they frequently do giveaways for Item Codes.
  4. If you good enough at Shell Shockers, enter into the Shell League. If you become the Season Most Valuable Player (MVP) or Win, you’ll obtain some rare Item Codes.
  5. Enter competitions and quizzes in the Blue Wizard Digital Discord.
  6. Become a VIP (Very Important Poultry.) You get perks for joining, such as two exclusive skins. But to become a VIP, you must subscribe to the paid service.
  7. Become an official Shell Shockers Content Creator. You can apply in the Blue Wizard Digital Discord. If you get in, you can host your own giveaways and receive codes to decorate your egg.
  8. Play other games created by Blue Wizard, such as Killstreak, Merc Zone, and Castles CC. Upon playing these games can allow you to get Item Codes for Shell Shockers.