The Stanley Parable is a game known for its silly and difficult-to-obtain achievements. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe doesn’t change the formula much, with many difficult and wacky achievements for players to obtain. One achievement/trophy that can stump players, in particular, is the Settings World Champion achievement.

How to complete the Settings World Champion Achievement/Trophy in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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This achievement requires players to make each slider in the settings menu stop on each number possible. There are a few things that can trip players up when getting this achievement. Something to avoid is holding down Left or Right to change the slider. Holding down Left or Right will cause the sliders to skip some numbers, and for this achievement, the slider must stop on each one individually. Players should go one number at a time and be sure not to miss any along the way.

There are quite a few sliders that players will need to change and it can take some time to do this. The full list of sliders that need to be changed can be found below.

General Settings

  • Field of View
  • Camera Sensitivity
  • Subtitle Background Opacity*
  • Translation Label Background Opacity*

Audio Settings

  • Master Volume
  • Narrator Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Sound Effects Volume

*Another thing that is easy to miss is the couple of sliders that are hidden behind other options. The sliders for Subtitle Background Opacity (appears when the “Show subtitles” box is ticked) and the Translation Label Background Opacity (appears when the “Show translation labels” box is ticked) are extremely easy to miss since they may not appear at first glance.

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