Scum’s Update might be a fairly small addition to the game, but don’t let that fool you. The update has done a few interesting things worth pointing out. In short, Update in Scum has added a new collection of suppresser attachments for the AWP and AWM rifles in the game. On top of these new suppressers, the update added a new under-rail attachment for the M1911.

You can also use the new under-rail attachment on all versions of the M1911 and even attach flashlights and future attachments to it. Beyond new suppressor attachments and flashlights, the rest of the update involves various bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Here’s a look at the bug fixes and QOL improvement added with Scum’s Update.

Bug fixes

The following are all of the various bug fixes that were added with Scum’s Update. The most notable of these include fixes to a reloading new bolt action rifles in the prone postion and various fixes to other gun animations.

  • Fixed the issue with reloading the new bolt actions in prone position.
  • Fixed the issue where parts of the VHS wouldn’t update their wear and tear while in ADS.
  • Fixed the bug where explosive traps would not activate when buried.
  • Fixed the bug where entering an event would disrupt logout process.
  • Fixed the bug where knocked out player could join an event.
  • Fixed some issues with the VHS-2 animations.
  • Fixed the bug where part of the compound bow would hang in air after login.
  • Fixed some visual issues with sight attachments.
  • Fixed the bug where players were unable to unload ammo from VHS-2 with a magazine loaded.
  • Fixed the bug where players could get indefinitely stuck if the boat they were driving got flipped.
  • Fixed the bug where Ratatat crossbow generated the same amount of noise as a rifle toward AI.
  • Fixed the bug where Phoenix Tears would not apply to bleeding injuries properly

Quality of Life improvements

Here are all of the QOL improvments that were added with Scum’s Update. Some of the most notable improvements include FSR2 support, VHS-2 inventory size adjustments, and that Prisoners now spawn in the air with their hands tied.

  • Added FSR2 support.
  • The buy button now refreshes automatically when adding money to inventory.
  • Carbon Hunter can now be zeroed up to 1,000 meters.
  • GL kills now properly log in the killlogs.
  • Removed the hand drill from the spawn pool.
  • Adjusted the VHS-2 inventory size.
  • Tweaked the tooltip for “Picking World Locks” admin setting.
  • Adjusted several crafted ammo captions.
  • Adjusted headsack chopping recipe.
  • Adjusted Painkiller uses and weight.
  • Prisoners now spawn in air with their hands tied. They will automatically untie them after some time.
  • Carbon Hunter will now be repairable with carbon hunter specific weapon parts.

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