For the first time, Fortnite has added permanent access to Save the World to the Fortnite Crew. Anyone that subscribes to Fortnite Crew for May 2021 will be able to play in this PvE (Player vs Environment) mode that pits you against wave after wave of zombies.

For those unfamiliar, Save the World (STW) is one of the game modes available on Fortnite, but instead of being free like the popular Battle Royale mode, Save the World usually runs about USD $15.99. With Fortnite Crew only running a price tag of USD $11.99, it seems Epic Games is trying to draw in more interest to their monthly subscription service by offering substantial rewards.

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On top of Save the World being unlocked, Fortnite Crew members will also receive access to the outfit Deimos, who is a Ninja-class Hero in the PvE game mode and a usable outfit in Battle Royale.

Here are some simplified questions and answers about the upcoming Fortnite Crew pack:

  • Will I have access to STW on all platforms? Yes!
  • How do I unlock Deimos in STW? He is unlocked when you log in to STW.
  • Will I have to do anything extra to unlock STW? You just need to download the additional data files, then you’ll be ready to play.

Beyond everything listed above, you’ll receive the standard benefits of the monthly service (1,000 V-bucks, wraps and skins, and access to the Fortnite Battle Pass) and another extra feature: three months of Spotify Premium if you’ve never used it before! If there was a time to join Fortnite Crew, it’s now!

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