Summer Game Fest 2022 revealed the Saints Row Boss Factory, a character customizer to use before you play the game. Saints Row Boss Factory takes customization to the extreme in the trailer, showing off deep customization options for your character. These include build, muscle definition, veins, tattoos, and much more.

What is Saints Row Boss Factory?

In classic Saints Row fashion, Saints Row Boss Factory lets you create a one-of-a-kind character. You can play with many silly options, like making your skin gold, making your character a vampire, or even a creating a sexy firefighter. Players will be able to fully customize their character with the free app before the game releases on August 23, 2022.

How to download Saints Row Boss Factory

Saints Row Boss Factory is available to download now on the Epic Games Store for the PC version, the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Store. The app can be downloaded directly to your console. You can then start customizing your character. You do not have to own the Saints Row game to download and use the Saints Row Boss Factory.

The Saints Row reboot brings a new take to the Saints Row franchise while still maintaining the crazy, over-the-top customization and gameplay the series has always had. The Boss Factory is the first step in bringing your character into the re-imagined Saints Row world. After creating your character in Boss Factory, you will still be able to customize your experience further in the full game with cars, guns, clothes, and your very own gang.

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