While it is certainly a popular and iconic game, RuneScape can also be extremely complex, especially for new players. Because of this, systems like the Grand Exchange can be a headache to navigate. However, once you understand how it works, the Grand Exchange can quickly become a source of income or materials for you, allowing you to bolster your coffers or character.

How to Use the Grand Exchange in RuneScape

Where is the Grand Exchange in OSRS?

First off, one must know where to go before they know how to use the Grand Exchange. To this end, head to Varrock’s Palace and out of its Western entrance. This leads directly to the exchange. You can also head North out of Varrock’s West Bank, following the dirt path to an entrance with two statues. Heading through here also leads to the exchange.

Brugsen Bursen and the Exchange Tutor

Once inside the exchange, the best place to head is toward two NPCs: Brugsen Bursen and the Exchange Tutor. Bursen can be found just up the stairs inside the exchange and will give a detailed breakdown of the exchange. However, if his overly-nuanced explanation proves to be more headache than help, head to the Exchange Tutor for a much simpler explanation of the exchange.

What are Exchange Clerks in RuneScape?

Located in the center of the exchange are Exchange Clerks. These NPCs are your ticket to utilizing the exchange as they allow you to buy and sell items. Head up to one of them and right-click them. This will open up a series of boxes on your screen, allowing you to buy and sell. Clicking on a box will open up another box that asks whether you are buying or selling. Simply click on it in your inventory to sell an item and set the quantity and price. To buy, use the search bar to find your desired item. This will pull up instances of the item with varying prices. One important note is that free-to-play players can only sell two items at a time on the exchange, while players with a Runescape membership can sell up to six items at a time.

What are Market Experts in OSRS?

Scattered around the exchange are market experts that will offer valuable information on specific types of items in the exchange. For example, Murky Matt offers information on rune prices, while Farid Morrisane offers information on any ores you’re interested in. Since the prices of items constantly fluctuate, these NPCs can help you turn a bigger sale or buy an item at just the right time.

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