One of the biggest draws to any farming sim is the ability to get married. Rune Factory is a series known for in-depth characters, making them all the more appealing to date. Before you put a ring on it, though, you’re going to need to win the heart of your beloved.

How to get married in Rune Factory 4 Special

Getting married should be pretty familiar to you if you’ve ever played another farming sim. You will need to raise the affection level of the character you want to marry by talking to them each day and presenting them with gifts.

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Once you have reached ten hearts, you will be able to marry them, provided you’ve seen their animated cutscene. If you are playing as the male character, then you will also need to buy a double bed from Blossom and craft an engagement ring once you reach crafting level 20.

Best gifts for each bachelor

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There are a total of six bachelors in all, here are their favorite gifts:

BachelorLoved GiftsLiked Gifts
ArthurGolden Turnip, Golden Tyrant Turnip, Turnip Heaven,
Salmon Onigiri
Curry Manju, Chinese Manju, Sandwich, Turnips, Can, Rare Can, Pickles, Onigiri, Pickled Turnip
DougTempura BowlBaked Onigiri, Onigiri, Rissoto, Salmon Onigiri, Porridge, Rice Porrige, Milk Porrige, Rice, Egg Bowl, Bamboo Rice
DylasTuna Sashimi, Lover Snapper, Glitter Snapper, Glitter Sashimi, Sunsquid Sashimi, Lover Sashimi, Milk Porridge, Tuna, SunsquidAll Non-loved Fish and Sashimi, Milk and Milk Dishes
KielCrystal Skull, Lightning Mane, Cursed Doll, Raccoon Leaf,
Right Rock Shard, Stew, Ambrosia’s Thorns, Chocolate Cake
Honey, Jam Roll, Donut, Yam of the Ages, Cake, Hot Chocolate, Choco Cookie, Ice Cream, Glazed Yam,
Pound Cake, Pumpkin Flan, Dumplings, Flan, Honey, Cheesecake, Cookie, Apple Pie, Strawberry Jam, Baked Apple, Chocolate, Pancakes
LeonSalted R. Trout, Grilled Lamp SquidGrilled Fish Dishes, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Rainbow Sashimi, Charm Blue, Pom-pom Grass
VishnalAll Curry Types, All Golden VegetablesAll Vegetables, Croquettes, Pot Stickers, Pink Melon, Gyoza, Meat Dumpling, Ice Cream, Chinese Manju

Both Leon and Dylas won’t unlock until you progress into the story of the game.

Best gifts for each bachelorette

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There are also six bachelorettes in all, here are their favorite gifts:

Bachelorette Loved Gifts Liked Gifts
AmberMixed Smoothie, Gold Juice, Emery FlowerHoney, All Flowers, All Juice, All Fruit
CloricaRed Core, Glitter Stone, Apple Pie, Yellow Core, Orichalcum, White Stone, Diamond, Round Stone, Platinum, Blue Core, Green Core, Shade StoneAny Cakes, Any Cookies, Apples and Apple Dishes, Hot Chocolate, Silver, Gold
DolceCheese Cake, Pumpkin Flan, Flan, Apple Pie,
Chocolate Cake, Cake
All Deserts, Medicine, Hot Chocolate, Relax Tea, Sewing Material, Hot Juice, Moondrop Grass, Hot Milk
ForteUnion Stew, Chocolate Cake, Cake, Omelette RiceAny Pot Dish, Any Egg Dish, Any Desert, Egg, Any Flowers
MargaretGold Vegetables, Golden Juice, Pineapple Juice, Pink Melon, Prelude to LoveAny Fruit and Fruit Dish, Ice Cream, Lobster, Shrimp, Raw Vegetables, Flowers, Mushrooms
Xiao PaiEmery Flower, Big White CrystalToyherb, Gyoza, Fried Rice, Boiled Gyoza, Chinese Manju

Amber and Dolce are bachelorettes that won’t appear until later in the story.

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