Fishing has long been a core mechanic in farming sims and Rune Factory 4 Special is no different. You can fish in several places in the game, including in some areas of the dungeons. Fish can be sold for a profit or used in cooking recipes.

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Where to fish in Rune Factory 4 Special

You will be able to fish after Vishnal requests that you catch your first fish in the game. From there, you can fish in several different areas of the game. Catching fish is simple, and there are some rare items that can be fished up, as well as trash like boots.

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Here is where you can fish in the game:

  • Selphia
  • Idra Cave
  • Maya Road
  • Sechs Empire
  • Yokmir Forest
  • Water Ruins
  • Seasonal Areas

There are several different types of fishing rods in the game that you can use. By using the forge or Leo to upgrade your rod, you can have an easier time catching fish.

What are the best fish to sell in Rune Factory 4 Special?

Here are the best fish to sell in Rune Factory 4 Special:

  • Glitter Snapper: 8,800G
  • Sunsquid: 6,800G
  • Taimen: 6,500G
  • Tuna: 5,600G
  • Blowfish: 4,200G
  • Throbby Snapper: 3,500G

Selling fish can quickly help you rack up money, even when they aren’t the top-selling ones mentioned above.

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