Rune Factory sets itself apart from its sister series Story of Seasons by incorporating combat. To advance in the game’s story, you are going to need to fight monsters and explore dungeons. Here are some tips to make fighting a tad bit easier.

Rune Factory 4 Special combat tips and tricks

For the most part, combat is pretty simple when starting off in Rune Factory 4 Special. There are six different types of weapons you can use including hand-to-monster combat. You will also have the ability to use elemental skills such as fire and defensive skills to help you resist status effects.

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Here are some useful tips that make combat easier:

  • Your bed is unbreakable and can be attacked to level-up skills.
  • Monsters can accompany you into battle.
  • You can form parties with certain characters in town.
  • Spells can be bought.
  • Always bring healing items or cure with you.

In addition, there are different weapon skills that you can unlock for each weapon type.

How do I dash in Rune Factory 4 Special?

Dash attacks let you quickly attack opponents, but can be tricky to do. Once you can use a dash attack, it can be performed by holding the dash button then your attack button while dashing.

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