Read below to find out more about the locations in the Roblox game Zenkai Origins. We have provided a visual map, a list of locations, and brief descriptions for each location.

Zenkai Origins Map

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All Locations

  • Baba Palace – You can find Master Roshi’s sister, Baba the Fortuneteller, here.
  • Canyons – You’ll find the Army Troops hanging out in this spot.
  • Cell Game – Cell hosts a tournament of power here.
  • Central City – This is the capital. You can shop at a clothing store here.
  • Diablo Desert – A vast desert to the West, where Pilaf’s Castle is located.
  • East City – You can find the Orin Temple here.
  • Forest – This is where you start the game and find your first quest from Chichi.
  • Kame House – You can find a quest here to talk to Bulma, requested by Master Roshi.
  • Kamis Lookout – This is above Korins Tower. It provides a lookout spot to see further.
  • Korins Tower – You can find Korin here.
  • Pilaf Castle – A large castle that is the former home of Emperor Pilaf.
  • Satan City – A large city named after Hercule Satan.
  • Wasteland – There is not much here, escept for rocky terrain.
  • World Martial Art Tournament – This is where the action is! Intergalatic sparring is done here.
  • Yunzabit Heights – A green island best known for being where Namekian crashed to Earth.
  • ??? – This location is a mystery and has yet to be revealed.

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