Roblox players are experiencing a strange issue. When they try to play the game, they are receiving no audio whatsoever. Not music or sound effects. The issue seems to be related to the recent update that went live.

As of right now, there does not appear to be a fix. So the best solution is to not update Roblox on Xbox. There has been no official word from Roblox in regards to a fix so players will have to wait for an official fix.

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Users on Reddit have tried multiple methods to fix the issue but none have seemed to work. They are reporting that other games still have audio as well as system sounds so it appears the issue is contained to Roblox. Hopefully, the radio silence from the developers means that they are working fast to push out a patch to fix this issue.

Roblox seems to be working fine on other platforms so it seems that the Xbox update has caused the issue. Therefore you should not update Roblox until this issue has been addressed. Restarting the game or the console will not fix the issue and neither will uninstalling and reinstalling Roblox. While unfortunate, sometimes bugs like this can occur.

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